Sunday, 24 June 2012

Help in Buying a New BATTERY for your Car

Buying your battery can be confusing ?

We all know that buying a new battery for your car can be confusing to say the least. There are a few things to think about because not all motorists are looking for a cheap battery, although it must be said that in these tough economic times, price comes into it.
That is probably one of the first decisions to make ?
Do want a cheap battery? are you looking to buy a cheap battery online?. Some people need a new straight away because they lead busy lives and need to get their car going as soon as their old battery packs in. If they live in a busy town, then perhaps this is possible, but motorists that live in rural areas, this may not be possible to do and the option to buy online must be very tempting for them. The internet offers the best of both worlds for the people that want a quality battery product such as Lucas batteries or Varta batteries, then they can be bought online and at a cheap price, with a next working day delivery. If you are not bothered about the brand then you can just go for the cheapest battery for your car and go for the cheapest.
How do I get the right battery ?
The best way in my opinion is to try a write down any numbers that you may have displayed on the old battery. The numbers could be Japanese numbers if say your car is a Nissan or Toyota, or the numbers may be European DIN numbers. Also here in Britain we have our own battery numbers, which would simply be a number such as “063”. This is one the most common battery numbers here in the UK and fits most small cars produced in Europe. The most important thing that you can do is get a number if possible, we can then cross reference the battery numbers and supply the correct battery to you.
Lucas 063 Classic £34 online
If you do not have any numbers do not worry as we can get the correct battery for you in our look up books. It is very important not to worry about getting the wrong battery it is very rare that we get it wrong. If there is more than one battery for your model, we will then ask you to measure the length, height and width of the old battery and also the position of the positive and negative terminals, from this we can ascertain which battery you require.

Do not worry about amperes and cold cranking amps on the battery

Most replacement car batteries are the same if not higher than the battery that you will have on the car. These things (amps) are always been upgraded by battery manufacturers. Some batteries from the far East used come into the UK with lower power because they were made for warmer climates, but these days importers tend to buy batteries with the highest power, simply because they will get less warranties in one of our cold winters.
To summarise buying a battery online with a next working day delivery is very easy to do and we have very little problems other than the usual courier problems that may arise when ordering any other goods from internet. Always give yourself plenty of time, try not to order at the last minute if possible.