Thursday, 7 June 2012

New BATTERY For Storing Solar Power

Panasonic will start production on a new Battery system

Work will start to mass produce a new type of battery system. This new system will involve a new technology battery for solar power applications using the Lithium-ion long life battery.
The new battery will have its own management system that will control the charge and discharge. The system comes in its own module unit with a capacity of 1.35kw/hr. The new battery system will be able to store any surplus electricity that is produced from your solar panels, which can be used when needed at a later time, this will lower the dependence of electricity produced from the national grid.

The preferred method for storing this surplus electricity at the moment is by using AGM batteries and GEL batteries, these are usually connected together in banks to give a greater storage area, but only have a life of about 1,500 cycles with a discharge and recovery of 80%. The new Lion (lithium-ion) batteries will have a life of 5000 cycles also based on an 80% recovery rate, giving this new battery a massive advantage over the older battery technology.
Solar power units on house rooftops are becoming a common sight here in the UK. The British government have awarded generous electricity tariffs to householders who invest in solar panels. The electricity that is produced goes back into the national grid and the amount of electricity produced is shown on a separate meter, the householder is then paid for the amount of energy that they produce. A statement from the Panasonic company says that “ With our state-of-art lithium-ion battery technology and high-quality battery management systems, we will promote self-consumption of solar power generated by households as well as reduction of load during peak hours. In so doing, Panasonic aims for a leading position in providing a solution to protect the power grid system”

New solar battery will be on sale in Australia then Europe

This statement confirms that because of the fear of surges in the power grids, it will be more beneficial for people to store the electricity produced for later use therefore eliminating the possibility of power surges on the national grid. The new Panasonic battery will be released in Australia and then later in Europe