Sunday, 20 May 2012

Massive Increase in Mobility Scooters and SCOOTER BATTERIES

Scooter batteries in demand

We have all seen the large increase in electric scooters, they are the newest way for disabled and the elderly ,for cruising through the streets of our towns and cities. With this increase comes the demand for reliable scooter batteries.
A mobility scooter is the choice for transportation as scooters are economical and will save the owners a lot of money as the scooters only need recharging until they require some new scooter batteries. The only thing that matters the most is getting good cheap batteries. By doing your homework and perhaps looking online, will allow you to choose the correct battery and make an educated and practical purchase.
Most scooters these days come equipped with a battery charger and two sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries. They are very old tried product and their reputation for durability and long lasting has not been forgotten yet. The recharging time (usually over night) can even take up to eight hours. If you have only one 12 volt battery than these electric scooter batteries could turn troublesome for you but these days they have two 12 volt batteries making a 24 volt system to give more power.
There are several battery types available in the market today . You should do a bit of research to find out which one will match your original scooter batteries best. You will need to buy the same specifications of the batteries when you purchased the electric scooter, which means it could be the cheapest that is available on the market. It is very difficult to determine which is the best batteries at a competitive price, as most batteries are made by the same battery manufacturers but with their own labels on. You should look out for a battery company that you can trust as the guarantee will then be honored if you have a problem the future.
For the best advice I would find a company that you can trust, on E-bay you can look at the good feed back that a company has, this is a good sign that you will be looked after if you should have a problem.

Also a good tip is that if you have GEL scooter batteries

you should stick to GEL and likewise if you have AGM scooter batteries you should stick to AGM, otherwise you should just buy off a trustworthy company, a good online company that is trustworthy is scooter batteries online